Board of Commissioners

Meetings of the Johnson County Soil & Water Commissioners

The Johnson County Soil and Water District will hold their next board meeting on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 12:30 PM. The meeting will be virtual. To participate, email the District, or call (319) 337-2322 ext. 3 for meeting details.

Johnson County Soil & Water Commissioners

Ed Ruppenkamp, co-Treasurer – serving since 2006

Jody Bailey, Chair – serving since 2014

Travis Spevacek, co-Treasurer – serving since 2017

Wayne Petersen – serving since 2021

Michael Donovan – serving since 2021

Meeting Minutes

What Do Commissioners Do?

Per Iowa Code Chapter 161A.7. A Soil and Water Conservation District has the power to:

  1. Conduct surveys, investigations, and research related to soil erosion and sediment damages, and prevention measures needed in cooperation with the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station.
  2. Conduct demonstrations on state-owned lands with consent of agency owning the land, on private lands with landowner consent, in cooperation with the Extension Service.
  3. Establish conservation practices to protect resources on state land with consent of administrating agency or private lands with landowner consent, including both structural and vegetative practices.
  4. Furnish financial and other aid to landowners within limits of appropriations to carry out erosion control, watershed protection practices and flood prevention operations.
  5. Acquire property from gift, purchase, lease, grant, etc. and receive income from that property. Income to be used in furtherance of the provisions of this chapter.
  6. Make soil conserving equipment available to landowners, as well as fertilizer, lime and other materials necessary to conserve sources.
  7. Build and maintain conservation structures and improve structures as necessary.
  8. Develop and publish comprehensive resource conservation plans for the control and prevention of soil erosion, floodwater and sediment damages.
  9. Sue and be sued. Enter into contracts. Make rules to carry out District programs.
  10. Accept donations of money and services from U.S. and State agencies and expend such monies in carrying out District operations.
  11. Require contributions by landowners as a condition of extending SWCD benefits.
  12. No provisions with respect to acquisition, operation or disposition of property by other public bodies shall be applicable.
  13. After formation of any District, all participation shall be voluntary, except as specifically stated.
  14. Change the District name with State Soil Conservation and Water Quality Committee approval.
  15. Require filing with the District of lands on which permanent cost-share practices have been established using state cost-share funds. Require landowners to maintain cost-share practices throughout maintenance agreement period. No projects shall be removed, altered or modified without consent of Commissioners.
  16. Encourage schools to provide natural resource conservation instruction.
  17. Develop soil and water resource conservation plans for the District.
  18. Enter into agreements for carrying out water protection practices to protect the state’s groundwater and surface water from point and non-point sources of contaminations.

We are a member and supporter of the Conservation Districts of Iowa.

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